Do you get the side eye from your significant other when you take your purse on quick errands? Most men are content with a wallet in their pocket and a set of keys. We, on the other hand, like to be prepared for everything. Also, if you have several purses, you need duplicates of things. How is this period related you may ask? Well part of the purse preparedness, is always being ready for mother nature.

1. Emergency pads and tampons– If your purse has a small zippered pocket, you can dedicate it to pads and tampons. However, there is always a chance of accidentally opening the pocket in front of a date because you forget what’s in there (not a big deal in my opinion, but hey, why have that extra worry). There are a few options:

-You can use a small cosmetic bag for the products. I like the free ones you get at department stores when you buy make-up.

-You can get creatively wrapped pads and tampons. The really small and thin “Always Dri-liners” fit anywhere and the “Tampax Compak Pearl” are great because they are small and colorfully wrapped (they look like candy).


-You can get little cases for your pads and tampons. How cool is this case from O.B?

Also, there are cases for individual tampons, like this pretty one:


2. Painkillers – For example, Advil gel caps – easy to swallow, and not only work for cramps, but also for other aches and pains (and the coating makes it easier on your tummy). Of course, find out what works best for you. Some women swear on Midol, and some do not even have cramps (lucky).

3. Chapstick with sunscreen – even if your lips do not get chapped, it is good to have this in case you are out in the sun for a long time.

4. The one piece of make-up that spruces you up – Think about what your one item is that you can’t leave the house without? It can be blush, or concealer, or maybe nothing!

5. Small tube of moisturizer Clinique moisturizer samples (that usually come with purchase) are one good example. Great size and awesome moisturizer. Or you can stock up on travel size tubes at your local drug store.


6. Nail file – It is frustrating when your nails break somewhere where you cannot get a nail file. Having a little one in your purse is awesome. Another great idea? Keep one attached to your keys.


or on a keychain (these are surprisingly hard to find):


7. Gum or mints – best to buy in bulk and put a set in each of your purses.

8. Shoes? – That’s right. You can get little foldable ballet slippers to carry in your purse. Especially great if you are going out in those new heels.


9. Perfume – Small tube of perfume can do wonders, you never know. Or, you can get solid perfume, a smaller one will last for a while.

If you want to be trendy, you can get this solid perfume necklace from Marc Jacobs:


These are just some basics. There are probably many other things you cannot live without that are unique to you. But remember, if you get creative, you can fit a lot of things even in a small wristlet.